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Testimonials and Reviews

“Cedric Nash is the man! A personality that shines and makes any travels with him, SPECIAL! He took us to the vineyards for 6 hours. He has great connections with the wineries–everyone loves him! He gave us a fantastic deal, also added our pick up and drop off at the airport in his rate! WELL worth the money! Call Cedric –he can help with anything and make your travels safe and fun!”

“I only had 3 days out in Portland and Cedric really helped complete the trip. After hiking, breweries, the Saturday market, and many restaurants later; we decided Sunday was going to be about relaxation. We called expecting to go to 3-4 wineries. Cedric arranged for 5 wine tours and lunch. It was so much more than we expected! He was a great host and I would highly recommend him to anyone!”


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